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When it comes to patient care, ensuring physical comfort is a top priority. Whether your patients are recovering from surgery, an injury or simply managing discomfort in their day-to-day lives, positioning cushions, chair pads, therapy pillows and therapeutic mattresses can go a long way in helping alleviate body pressure and finding relief.

At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we offer you a selection from over 150 top brands in addition to our own high-quality McKesson Brands positioning cushions and therapy pillows. Our selection of foam positioning cushions conforms to the body while properly positioning the patient, making them ideal for both post-surgical and home care settings.

Our therapeutic mattresses come in a variety of types such as innerspring, alternating pressure and standard care foam. With our large selection of manufacturers, our therapeutic mattresses work well in many settings, including post-surgical care facilities, infant transport and even the home bedroom for at-home care.

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