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Patient safety can be impacted when there is a lack of visibility or product integrity when it comes to vaccine handling. Avoiding common dispensing errors and ensuring your practice is complaint with regulatory standards shouldn’t be complicated. With the power of automation, vaccine management can be simple, from start to finish.

Automated vaccine solutions simplified

Why use AccuVax?

  • Reinforce patient safety: Avoid vaccination errors with automatic inventory rotation and real-time expiry audits
  • Protect vaccine integrity: Temperature stability for refrigerated and frozen vaccines with an all-in-one, door-less pharmacy-grade fridge and freezer
  • Minimize waste and loss: Administer near-to-expire and avoid costly missed billings with automatic documentation of transactions and EHR integrations
  • Save your staff time: A user-friendly touchscreen offers easy loading and administration without manual reporting and stock rotation
  • Provide inventory visibility: Avoid stock outs with low inventory reports and quickly reorder stock as needed
  • Ensure seamless compliance: Keep your data in one place and HIPPA compliant with automated logging and integrated adult and pediatric immunization schedules


eliminates common vaccination errors1


12 hour

backup battery



customer service, maintenance and repair, remote monitoring and on-site training


Additional AccuVax Benefits

  • Easily load and separate VFC and 340B from private stock
  • Get proactive alerts via text or email about power outages, temperature changes and low or expiring stock
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks with automatic vaccine reordering and central pharmacy management
  • Receive reports for power outages and expired or recalled vaccines to protect patient health
  • Automated patient safety checks warn if patient information conflicts with vaccine’s criteria
  • Secure authentication with an integrated biometric fingerprint reader protects your supplies and staff
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Help your facility manage vaccine inventory safely and efficiently

1: ISMP National Vaccine Errors Reporting Program 2017 analysis (part I): Vaccine errors continue with little change. (2018, June 14). Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Retrieved from

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