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McKesson Medical-Surgical is a medical distributor offering medical supplies, healthcare solutions, distribution services and clinical resources. Browse our vast selection of medical products and healthcare resources to help support the health of your business.

Isolation gowns now in stock

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Finding available products over the past several months has been challenging. We continue to receive new supplies of certain high demand products, including personal protective equipment (PPE). We are now able to offer several isolation and procedure gowns, available while supplies last.

Delivering for you, so you can deliver a difference

Every day you’re making a difference in patients’ lives, we want to help make that easier. From our teams packing boxes to the ones bringing them to your door, we’re all-in to support the work you do. And, as a leading distributor, we offer reliable delivery options as well as business resources to get you the supplies and tools you need. While you deliver care, we’ll deliver for you.

Special webinar event
Care Management
A timely seasonal update on respiratory testing in primary & urgent care
Join us for a respiratory season update as we review the latest SARS-CoV-2 molecular and antigen testing methods, performance and use cases, with a focus on primary and urgent care settings.
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In-office lab testing for respiratory illnesses

Effective respiratory care starts with point-of-care diagnostic testing. Find the right methods to diagnose flu, RSV, strep A and SARS-CoV-2.

How are you planning to handle this respiratory season?
The 2020-2021 respiratory season will be unlike any other previous respiratory season, with experts predicting that COVID-19 and flu will overlap.
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Tools for Better Business Performance

McKesson SupplyManager℠
With comprehensive product information and features designed for your convenience, our web-based online ordering system makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever.
McKesson Business Analytics℠
McKesson Business Analytics℠ is our performance dashboard combining spend and operational information to help you identify real-time, actionable insights into your business.
McKesson Lab SD2
Powered by Data Innovations® and supported by our team of experts, this customized laboratory intelligence software is built to help laboratories analyze, standardize and optimize their processes.

Featured Services

Distribution Services

With more than 900 delivery professionals across the nation and the largest delivery vehicle fleet, we strive to provide unparalleled distribution services to get you the products you need, when you need them.

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Clinic Setup Services

Clinic setups can require a lot of coordination and planning. Whether it’s new construction, remodeling or updating your office with new equipment, you need a supplier that has the experience and expertise to help it all come together.

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