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Purchasing new equipment isn’t always in the budget, and researching leasing and financing options can drain valuable time and resources. So why pay $50K upfront for new equipment when you could pay $900 per month?* Save money and open up your options with medical equipment financing.

McKesson Capital

McKesson Medical-Surgical can open up options and help keep costs low when it comes to major equipment purchases, with expert guidance to find a financing plan that works for you.
We understand your challenges and can provide you with a network of lenders to help you keep costs low.

Why McKesson Capital?

  • Pay less out-of-pocket- We’ll work with you to find a solution that fits into your budget, with terms ranging from 12 to 84 months. With cost-efficient equipment, supply bundles and buyout options, we are here to help you find ways to save.
  • Keep capital within your business- Financing your equipment lets you save cash for other business needs.
  • Leave your credit lines untouched- Third-party financing options means you can keep existing lines of credit open for other purposes.
  • Take advantage of tax benefits- Some finance structures come with tax benefits depending on the 
current tax code. You accountant can tell you more.
  • Get up and running quickly- With deferred payment plans, you’ll have time to set up and start using your equipment before your first payment is due.

Help improve patient care


Increase efficiency


Realize better financial results

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Financial article

4 reasons to finance capital equipment

There are many reasons why a healthcare facility requires funds to back medical equipment investments.

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