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2024-2025 Flu pre-book is open

  1. Pre-book online through McKesson SupplyManager
  2. Download and complete our 2023-2024 Influenza Pre-book Form and email it directly to our Flu Connection Team at

Flu year-round: vaccine activities by season

We break down your major flu activities – ordering flu vaccine, preparing for the season, vaccinating and treating patients – by when these activities occur within the year.


Order: Assess your flu vaccine utilization from the previous flu season and account for any unexpected business changes that may add or subtract from your current usage. Finalize your pre-book and submit.


Prepare: Select tentative dates for your Flu Vaccination Event and review your pre-book and make adjustments if necessary. Then order flu vaccination supplies.


Vaccinate: Be ready to administer flu vaccines on request and finalize your Flu Vaccination Event dates after you have scheduled delivery of your vaccine to minimize the need to reschedule due to unexpected delays.


Treat: The CDC recommends continued flu vaccination efforts throughout the season though flu activity may not peak until February or March. The CDC will announce the strain composition for the upcoming flu season
It’s never too early to start planning next year’s flu pre-book.

Fluwise patient engagement digital toolkit

From social media templates to parking lot signage, we’ve got you covered with the tools you need to keep your patients engaged and aware when it comes to the flu.

New ACIP recommendations for patients 65+

Vaccine Management

Vaccine Management

AccuVax®by TruMed® is a purpose-built solution designed to safeguard vaccines, enhance patient safety and meet regulatory compliance. The AccuVax® Vaccine Management System is an all-in-one integrated fridge and freezer that helps with vaccine inventory.

Laboratory Consulting

Laboratory Consulting

From setup to ongoing consulting and compliance training, MedSol’s licensed professionals can provide the support you need for your laboratory.

Medical Waste Management

Medical Waste Management

MedPro Disposal offers you a single source for all your medical waste disposal needs no matter your facility type. As the industry’s leader in compliant medical waste disposal, MedPro Disposal can provide complete insurance on your returned waste.

Access a team of healthcare professionals, here to answer your questions.

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