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When it comes time to set up your medical facility, a lot of thought goes into selecting the best quality furnishings. With so many choices available, how do you decide the best options for your practice? At McKesson Medical-Surgical, we have a variety of medical office furniture and medical cabinets to choose from. Browse our vast selection of furniture from manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Midmark, Graham-Field, Winco and Span America. Our own private label also features a variety of carts, exam lights, exam stools, medical recliners and exam tables to furnish and equip your facility.

To help you ensure the comfort of your patients during an examination, we have over 2,000 medical procedure tables in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, ideal for a diverse patient population encompassing weight capacity and surgical area specifications.

To run an effective medical practice, you can't underestimate the importance of organization. We help you keep your office running effectively by also offering file cabinets, desks, instrument stands and workstations. In addition to medical office furniture, our selection of surgical scrub sinks makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness necessary to ensure the health of both practitioners and patients.

Whether you're opening your medical facility for the first time or are looking to update your furnishings, we have the medical office furniture, medical cabinets and other items you need to help you care for your patients.

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