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When it comes to reducing the spread of infection, proper wound care is essential. Our selection of wound care products provides what you need to effectively treat your patients. We have a variety of band-aids, wound dressings, wound cleansers and other wound care products available.

For general wound care, we have a vast selection of adhesive bandages, general-purpose dressings, wound irrigators and more. Choose from among our hundreds of brands including Johnson & Johnson, Dermarite, Hollister and Covidien. We even carry bandages for different skin tones.

For more serious injuries, we have wound care supplies which include everything from impregnated dressings to synthetic skin. In addition to bandages and dressings, our selection of wound care products includes a variety of kits and trays. Whether you need a first aid kit, emergency kit or laceration and minor procedure tray, we have the wound care supplies to help ensure your medical office is always prepared. Beyond dressings and wound care kits, we also offer wound care accessories such as irrigation shields, pressure bridging kits and skin adhesives.

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