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To better help you get your patients on the road to recovery, McKesson Medical-Surgical has a highly comprehensive physical therapy supplies catalog ranging from exercise equipment and physical therapy accessories to self-help aids. Browse our total body section and you'll find physical therapy equipment that encompasses everything from treadmills, bikes and ellipticals to resistance bands, kettle bells and leg stabilizers. Choose from hundreds of products from leading manufacturers such as Fabrication Enterprises, Patterson Medical Supply and Total Gym.

Maintaining overall conditioning is an important part of any patient's rehabilitation program and our selection of treadmills can help. We have specialized treadmills that are hospital grade with extended handrails and multiple emergency stops to help ensure patients' safety. We carry some of the top manufacturers such as GE Healthcare, Kerma Medical Products and Norav Medical Inc. The selection of assessment tools in our physical therapy supplies catalog can help you plan the best course of treatment for your patients. We have everything from muscle testing, measuring devices, cognitive screening tools and skin response monitors. Whether you need digital or manual tools, we have what you need to help you expedite your patients' healing.

When it comes to improving patient outcomes, having the right physical therapy equipment can go a long way. In addition to hot and cold packs, our physical therapy supplies catalog has whirlpool hydrotherapy tubs to accommodate different needs. We also have a broad selection of heating and chilling units from manufacturers such as DJO, Kerma Medical Products and Sonoco Protective Solutions.

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