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Our extensive catalog of medication labels and preprinted labels provides thousands of products from almost 100 different manufacturers, including Carstens, 3M, Siemens and Fisher Scientific. Maintaining an ample supply of medical advisory labels is crucial for protecting medical staff and patients and to help prevent health hazards in the clinical environment.

Proper medication labels can help protect your patients and staff from making medication mistakes. We offer a wide variety of drug labels and anesthesia labels made of various materials, including flexible paper, coated paper, tape and superstick. With the proper medication labels, your staff can easily note a drug's name and dosage to avoid pharmaceutical and dosage errors.

Preprinted labels are crucial for warning staff and patients about biohazardous materials, allergens, hazardous drugs, sterilization and other potential issues in the healthcare environment. Plus, our catalog features more than 1,000 different preprinted labels.

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