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Germaine Laboratories Inc 78250 Streck Laboratories 217657 Medix Corp BLT-4013
McKesson # 404880 890056 1028509 701860 883594
Description Hematology Test Kit Sedi-Rate™ Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) 100 Tests CLIA Waived Hematology Test Kit SAS™ Sickle Cell Disease / Sickle Cell Trait 100 Tests CLIA Non-Waived Hematology Test Kit AimStrip® Hemoglobin 50 Tests CLIA Waived Hematology Test Kit Sickledex® Sickle Cell Disease / Sickle Cell Trait 100 Tests CLIA Non-Waived Hematology Test Kit Leuko-TIC® 1:20 Blue Plus White Blood Cells / Leukocytes 100 Tests Non-Regulated
Manufacturer # 346909410078250217657BLT-4013
Brand Sedi-Rate™SAS™AimStrip®Sickledex®Leuko-TIC® 1:20 Blue Plus
Manufacturer Globe ScientificSA Scientific LtdGermaine Laboratories IncStreck LaboratoriesMedix Corp
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CLIA Classification CLIA WaivedCLIA Non-WaivedCLIA WaivedCLIA Moderate ComplexityNon-Regulated
CLIA Classified CLIA WaivedCLIA Non-WaivedCLIA WaivedCLIA Non-WaivedNon-Regulated
Contents 1 (100) Tests per Box, Pipettes, VialsSickle Cell Buffer, Sickle Cell Lysing Reagent, Sickle Cell Urea Agent(50) Test Cartridges, (60) Capilary Tubes, Code ChipSickledex Solubility Buffer, Sickledex Solubility Reagent Powder, Dispenser CapsPrefilled Vials, Volume Capillaries, Chamber Filling Capillaries
Country of Origin SpainUnknownUnknownUnited StatesGermany
For Use With For AimStrip® Hb Hemoglobin MeterFor Microscope Counting
Number of Tests 100 Tests100 Tests50 Tests100 Tests100 Tests
Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 180 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 60 days
Reading Type Visual ReadVisual ReadMachine ReadVisual ReadVisual Read
Specialty HematologyImmunoassayHematologyHematologyHematology
Storage Requirements Requires Refrigeration
Test Format Pipette FormatTube FormatCartridge FormatTube Format
Test Kit Type StandardRapidRapidStandardStandard
Test Name Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)Sickle Cell Disease / Sickle Cell TraitHemoglobinSickle Cell Disease / Sickle Cell TraitWhite Blood Cells / Leukocytes
Test Type Autozero WestergrenSolubility TestAnemia ScreenSolubility TestVisual Microscopic Counting
Time to Results 60 Minute Results5 Minute Results15 Second Results6 to 60 Minute Results
UNSPSC Code 4111581541116120411161204111612041116126
Volume 20 µL
Application Hematology Test KitHematology Test KitHematology Test KitHematology Test KitHematology Test Kit
Purchase Program Type Standard PurchaseStandard PurchaseStandard PurchaseStandard PurchaseStandard Purchase
Sample Type Whole Blood SampleWhole Blood SampleWhole Blood SampleWhole Blood SampleWhole Blood Sample
Features and Benefits
  • Shatter-proof plastic components
  • The polystyrene Sedi-Rate™ pipette is graduated from 0 to 180mm and features a unique fibrous plug located at the zero mark
  • The plug is specifically designed to be a self-sealing aerosol barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipette
  • The polypropylene Sedi-Rate™ vial features a patented self-sealing stopper that is easily pierced with a transfer pipette or piercing funnel
  • The vial is supplied pre-filled with 0.25mL of 3.8% trisodium citrate diluent
  • Simply add 1mL of EDTA-treated blood to complete the 1 to 4 ratio as required by the Westergren method
  • CLIA waived test
  • Detects sickle cell in whole blood
  • Fast, easy and reliable
  • Product characteristics: Detects Hemoglobin S in whole blood
  • Sensitivity/Specificity: 99%/ 99%
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • SAS™ Sickle Cell Test, detects Hemoglobin S (Hb-S) in whole blood
  • Store at Room Temperature 15° - 30° C
  • For testing hemoglobin in whole blood
  • Combo includes: 50 test cartridges, 60 capillary tubes, 1 code chip
  • SICKLEDEX detects the presence of sickling hemoglobins in human blood or sickle cell control material
  • SICKLEDEX kits are conveniently packaged with two separate squeeze bottles of phosphate buffer with Saponin for easy dispensing and to eliminate waste
  • The kits also contain two buffer dispensing caps and two vials of Sodium Hydrosulfite reagent powder
  • Each test requires 2.0 mL of reconstituted solubility buffer and 20 µL of anticoagulated whole blood or 20 µL of sickle cell hemoglobin control
  • Single tests with Bioanalytic LeukoCount 'blue' reagent for quick, uncomplex, clean and precise microscopic counting of WBC (White Blood Cells, Leukocytes) from 20 µL capillary- or EDTA-blood
  • Dilution 1:20
  • Complete test kit including 100 Leuko-TIC 1:20 blue (single tests), 100 End-to-end-volume capillaries, and100 Chamber filling capillaries
  • Class I product
  • Veterinary medicine