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McKesson Medical-Surgical supports the health of your business by offering more products, distribution services, solutions and clinical resources than other medical supply distributors.

From medical practices and surgery centers to long term care and home care providers, our customers are our top priority.

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Order the box, get the whole package. McKesson has the largest chain of distribution centers for quick and efficient delivery to your facility

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Beyond moving boxes and helping our customers, we are actively involved in the communities we serve and offer support for the healthcare industry.

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Truckers Against Trafficking

McKesson’s Daniel Garces with Truckers Against Trafficking Deputy Director and Co-founder, Kylla Lanier

McKesson Delivers… to help fight human trafficking

Human trafficking is a $32 billion-a-year industry that victimizes millions of innocent people across the world. Victims are often relocated to different places using the U.S. transportation infrastructure. After learning about Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), a non-profit organization that works closely with law enforcement and the trucking industry with the goal of stopping human trafficking, Houston Transportation Manager Daniel Garces found a way to leverage McKesson’s existing team of 950 Delivery Professionals to help fight one of the most common crimes in the trucking industry. Along with a small team, Daniel trained the delivery professionals on how to recognize suspicious activity and help identify a victim of human trafficking. All McKesson delivery professionals now carry wallet cards with helpful phone numbers and instructions on what to do if they see signs of trafficking on the road. “It’s nice to be a part of something like this and know that we could possibly save someone from this horrible crime,” said Daniel.

Thanks to Daniel, McKesson’s transportation team delivers way beyond just packages. For more information about TAT and tips to spot potential victims of human trafficking, visit

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#idelivercarefor: Mary Kay’s Story Published: 03-22-2018 Brought to you by McKesson Home health nurse Mary Kay Hermann knows home is a place where patients “love to be.” “Our patients want to be home and we want to help them stay home.” Mary Kay is working to help home health become stronger and more involved with other health providers in the care and treatment of patients. “It’s a service that's gonna grow and needs to grow because we’re all getting older,” says Mary Kay. And also because home is where the patient’s heart is.
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#idelivercarefor: Charlotte Hall Veterans Home’s Story Published: 02-13-2018 Brought to you by McKesson "We have the unique honor and privilege of delivering care to some of our country's finest veterans," say care providers Heyward Hilliard and Sharon Murphy of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in Maryland. Charlotte Hall delivers care and services such as activities, meals and therapy for America's heroes. "We're happy to do it and we proudly serve those who served us."
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McKesson Delivers: Heroes for Children’s Story Published: 11-14-2017 Brought to you by McKesson The Heroes for Children Milestones Program helps families to recognize special moments (milestones) in the lives of children diagnosed with cancer. Heroes for Children provides financial support and event coordination for the celebration of major life events, such as birthdays, holidays, proms, graduations and weddings, allowing these families to “just be normal, just for a little bit.”

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