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McKesson Medical Surgical delivers for you and your healthcare facility

McKesson Medical Surgical supports the health of your business by offering more products, distribution services, solutions and clinical resources than other medical supply distributors.

From medical practices and surgery centers to long term care and home care providers, our customers are our top priority.

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Order the box, get the whole package. McKesson has the largest chain of distribution centers for quick and efficient delivery to your facility

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Beyond moving boxes and helping our customers, we are actively involved in the communities we serve and offer support for the healthcare industry.

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Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte’s Story Published: 03-28-2017 Brought to you by McKesson The Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte provides housing and support for families while their newborns are being treated in the NICU, sometimes for months. When parents have to drop everything to take care of their sick child, RMHC is there to take care of them! During what can be the darkest of times for these families, RMHC delivers care, love and a sense of home for as long as they need!
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Angela’s Story Published: 02-21-2017 Brought to you by McKesson Meet Angela - a pediatric nurse from Windsor, CA. Angela works in a non-profit dental surgery center and feels most rewarded when helping to educate parents and children on the importance of proper dental hygiene. Like most caregivers, she loves her patients so much that she never wants them to come back!
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Connor’s Heroes’ Story Published: 01-03-2017 Brought to you by McKesson The founders of Connor's Heroes know first-hand the struggles a family goes through when battling childhood cancer. Over the past decade, Connor's Heroes has provided emotional and financial support to more than 1,000 children while they fight for their lives. Their mission is to build a community of heroes so that these children, and their families, know they are never alone.

McKesson Corporate Key Facts

Founded in 1833

Ranked 5 on Fortune 500

76,000+ employees

No. 1 in medical-surgical distribution to alternate care sites

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With McKesson Brands, you’ll never have to compromise. We deliver more than 4,000 high-quality private label medical supplies at competitive prices.