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Our extensive catalog of patient mobility aids includes underarm support crutches and forearm support crutches. We offer crutches from various manufacturers, such as Cardinal, Cypress, Graham-Field, Nov Ortho-Med and many others.

Underarm support crutches are the most common type of crutches, featuring a straight frame with a padded top that fits under a patient's arm or below the armpit and a handgrip. Our catalog offers underarm crutches for patients of all heights, from small children to tall adults. We also have crutches in a multitude of weight capacities and uses, like bariatric underarm crutches and folding underarm crutches.

Forearm support crutches, also called elbow crutches, are shorter and have a supportive cuff that fits around the back of the patient's upper arm, along with a handgrip. For patients who need or prefer forearm crutches, our catalog includes a large selection in various heights and weights.

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