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Help protect your patients and staff with our selection of personal hygiene products, including everything from antibacterial and antimicrobial hand soaps, hand sanitizers, facial cleansers, body washes and more. If you need skin care solutions, we have a vast selection of products available. Whether you're treating an injury or prepping for surgery, our selection of skin prep solutions comes in varying strengths and active ingredients. We have scrubs and solutions such as surgical scrub, skin and nasal prep in addition to antiseptic skin cleansers. You'll also want to check out the skincare kits, hygiene kits, ear wash systems, moisturizers and deodorants we have available.

To help patients with mobility issues, our selection of personal hygiene supplies includes washing equipment such as tubs, showers and rinsers. We have a selection of tubs that include side-entry bathing systems and whirlpool tubs, seated bathing systems and reclining tubs.

Maintaining proper hygiene is important when it comes to patient health and recovery, that's why our inventory of personal hygiene supplies includes hair, mouth, nail, oral and feminine care items too. We have shampoo, conditioners and hair care products by leading manufacturers such as SC Johnson Professional USA, Unilever and DermaRite Industries. For patients being admitted to the hospital, we have hygiene kits that include washbasins, soap, lotion and other items.

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