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  Abbott Point of Care 07P05-51 Abbott Point of Care 04J6020 Alfa Wassermann 404200-1 Abbott Point of Care 07P0501 Abbott Point of Care 04J4855
McKesson # 1100240 636954 815744 734097 1055932
Description Chemistry Analyzer Piccolo® Xpress™ CLIA Waived Chemistry Analyzer i-STAT® 1 CLIA Non-Waived Chemistry Analyzer ACE Axcel™ CLIA Non-Waived Chemistry Analyzer Piccolo® Xpress™ CLIA Waived Chemistry Analyzer i-STAT® CLIA Non-Waived
Manufacturer # 07P05-5104J6020404200-107P050104J4855
Brand Piccolo® Xpress™i-STAT® 1ACE Axcel™Piccolo® Xpress™i-STAT®
Manufacturer Abbott Point of CareAbbott Point of CareAlfa WassermannAbbott Point of CareAbbott Point of Care
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Analyzer Type BenchtopHandheldBenchtopBenchtopHandheld
CLIA Classification CLIA WaivedCLIA WaivedCLIA Moderate ComplexityCLIA Waived
CLIA Classified CLIA WaivedCLIA Non-WaivedCLIA Non-WaivedCLIA WaivedCLIA Non-Waived
Contents 1 Analyzer, Serial Downloader, Simulator, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Martell Portable Printer, Waived System ManualAnalyzer, ISE Module, B/W Laser Printer, Touch Screen, KeyboardSingle-Use Reagent Panels, Bar-Coded, Abaxis Data Manager and Storage SystemSerial Downloader, Simulator, i-STAT 1 Analyzer "Immuno-Ready", Martel Printer, i-STAT System Manual and Training Material, 5 Year Service
Country of Origin United StatesSingaporeUnited StatesUnited StatesSingapore
Dimensions 6 X 8 X 12-3/4 Inch33 X 28 X 26 Inch6 X 8 X 12-3/4 Inch
For Use With For Piccolo Reagent DiscFor Piccolo Reagent Disc
Number of Tests 31 Tests35 + Tests24 Tests
Power Source 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz / 15 V DC, 12 VBattery Operated100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz / 15 V DC, 12 V
Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 30 days
Purchase Program Type Standard Purchase AgreementDistributor KitStandard Purchase AgreementStandard Purchase AgreementDistributor Kit
Readout Type USB Data Transfer, PrintoutDigital and PrintoutPrintout
Sample Capacity 100 µL2 to 3 Drops of Blood3 µL Min to 500 µL Max100 µL
Sample Type Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma SampleWhole Blood SampleWhole Blood / Serum / Plasma Sample
Test Name Blood Gases, Electrolytes, Chemistries, Coagulation, Hematology, Glucose, Cardiac MarkersALT, ALP, BUN
Throughput Up to 165 Photometric Tests per Hour / 285 Tests per Hour (with ISE)
Time to Results 12 Minute Results2 Minute Results12 Minute Results
UNSPSC Code 4111580741115806411158074111580741115808
User Interface Full Collor Touch ScreenTouch Screen
Weight 11.2 lbs.178 lbs.11.2 lbs.
Application Chemistry AnalyzerChemistry AnalyzerChemistry AnalyzerChemistry AnalyzerChemistry Analyzer
Features and Benefits
  • Self contained reagent discs deliver complete results in real time
  • Very small sample – only 100 microliters of whole blood, serum or plasma
  • As easy to use as a CD player – load sample, insert disc and read results
  • Barcoded discs self calibrate with every run and minimize data input errors
  • Comprehensive chemistry results in a single use disc
  • Small footprint occupies very little counter space
  • i-STAT Waived Distributor Kit (06F1610, 06F20-03, 06F1101, 06F2391 - downloader should be selected separately if required; all items ship in one box
  • Cartridges are self-contained
  • Each test cartridge contains chemically sensitive biosensors on a silicon chip that are configured to perform specific tests
  • Prior to running a test, each cartridge initiates a series of preset quality control diagnostics, from monitoring the quality of the sample to validating the reagent
  • Utilizing self-contained test cartridges, along with the Precision PCx™ and PCx Plus™ glucose test strips, the i-STAT 1 system delivers lab-accurate testing for Blood Gases, Electrolytes, Chemistries, Coagulation, Hematology, Glucose, and Cardiac Markers (cTnI)
  • This revolutionary, handheld analyzer provides reliable test results in just minutes, using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge
  • Alfa Wassermann introduces the ACE Axcel, a next-generation clinical chemistry system that sets the standard for excellence in today's Physician Office Laboratory (POL)
  • With touch screen functionality, an intuitive user interface, and Internet connectivity, the Axcel offers the latest advances to make in-office laboratory testing fast, convenient, and cost-effective
  • ACE Axcel processes up to 165 photometric tests per hour and up to 120 potentiometric (ISE) tests per hour
  • Self-contained system; ACE Axcel needs no dedicated water system or waste disposal
  • Liquid-ready to use reagents, can stay onboard due to system reagent refrigeration
  • The Piccolo Xpress is a compact, portable clinical chemistry system designed for on-site patient testing
  • The self-calibrating analyzer performs quality control checks on each sample, including onboard QC monitoring to ensure chemistry and instrument integrity for accurate result
  • Sample is added directly to an 8 cm diameter, single-use, self-contained plastic chemistry reagent disc
  • Each disc contains all reagents needed to perform a panel of tests on a single sample
  • The Piccolo Xpress delivers up to 24 individual tests including CLIA-waived lipids, liver enzymes and glucose monitoring
  • Built-in thermal printer with adhesive backed paper
  • External printer, LIS, and EMR capable
  • 10-digit numberic-VGA color touchscreen display
  • Memory capacity up to 5000 patient and quality control results
  • Direct compatibility supported with USB peripherals including bar code readers, keyboards, personal computers and printers
  • With 5 years warranty