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For emergency medical services, treatment and timing are everything. Each day, you’re in the field providing immediate, sometimes life-saving, care to patients while under intense pressure. On top of this, you also battle issues unrelated to care, including funding, training and the acquisition, allocation and coordination of resources. We can help.

We serve the entire spectrum of basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) organizations in EMS, including ground and air transport, rescue crews and ski patrol, offering a wide selection of emergency medical supplies. We can help provide the EMS products and solutions you need, when you need them so you can focus on what matters most — improved patient outcomes for those you serve.

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Featured products for EMS

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Tools for EMS

Operative IQ
Manage inventory, purchasing, vehicle inspections and more with Operative IQ, our web-based operations management software designed for public safety and emergency medical services.
McKesson SupplyManager℠
With comprehensive product information and features designed for your convenience, our web-based online ordering system makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever.
McKesson Business Analytics℠
McKesson Business Analytics℠ is our performance dashboard combining spend and operational information to help you identify real-time, actionable insights into your business.

Resources for emergency medical services

Browse our resource library for emergency medical services, including webinars, articles, brochures and more.

Whether for yourself or the EMS organization you belong to, it’s good practice to regularly access training materials for advancing skills. Keep your EMS pros in top form with training materials and products in a wide range of specialty care areas. We provide the first response resources to help you tackle the challenges of staff training and education.

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At a time when the need for healthcare continues to outnumber and outpace options for quality care, EMS professionals remain the logical option to satisfy the demand. Community paramedicine (CP) and mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) are poised to grow and evolve to find its place as a part of an integrated, community-based healthcare system. Such programs help to satisfy and close some of the current healthcare gaps by expanding the role of EMS professionals.

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Industry resources for community paramedicine

Active shooter (AS) and mass casualty incidents (MCIs) are complex and demanding situations that may be well beyond the traditional training and experience of the majority of firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Help your organization stay ready and prepared for the possibility of these incidents.

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Industry resources for active shooter preparedness

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  • Gloves
    Searching for the best medical gloves for your healthcare practice? In a time when patient and provider safety is critical, we can deliver medical and surgical gloves to fulfill your needs.
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  • Respiratory
    Quality respiratory care products go hand-in-hand with quality respiratory care. We can deliver CPAP supplies and CPR equipment to assist you in caring for your patients and residents.
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  • Wound Care
    Treating wounds can be challenging, but we've assembled a wound care product catalog we think can help. Whether your practice needs advanced wound care products or wound dressings, consider us.
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  • Pharmaceuticals
    Whether your healthcare practice seeks to improve its vaccine offerings or restock on OTC medicines, let us be your preferred distribution partner.
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  • IV Therapy
    From surgery centers to home infusion therapy customers, we can help provide the infusion supplies you need, with our robust offering of IV therapy products and supplies.
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  • Ambulatory Equipment
    Looking for the right ambulatory equipment and durable medical equipment for your facility? We deliver mobility aids, disability aids and more.
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