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Need printers for your medical office? McKesson Medical-Surgical has got you covered. We offer specialty printers from leading brands like Sony, Cepheid and Lexmark. Our quality printers meet various healthcare-related needs, including printing barcodes, labels, video, ultrasounds, diagnostics, receipts and more. And for those seeking competitive pricing, refurbished and reconditioned models are also available.

Regarding computer peripherals, we've got everything from keyboard and mouse accessories to printer cables, toner and ribbons from manufacturers like Abbott, GE Healthcare and Capsa Solutions.

If you use Cepheid's GeneXpert Systems, you'll want to check out our Windows 10 UPG laptop, made especially for use with GeneXpert Xpress. We also have software options, such as computer cloud storage, barcode readers, health maintenance and Hemochron data management.

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