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A vital part of our mission is to carry pharmaceutical accessories to help patients. Our catalog carries over 300 products to help with daily healthcare needs, including pill boxes, prescription bottles, as well as essentials that can help with administering medications.

To help with medical dosing needs, manufacturer First Wave Products has an easy-to-use automatic pill crusher with one-button activation to make the medical dosing process effortless. Similarly, those who don't like the taste of liquid medications can add cherry, peppermint and citrus flavoring syrups to help with a bad aftertaste from the doses.

Healthcare professionals may recommend that residents in an assisted living center use pill organizer boxes to keep current with a medication schedule. Some pill boxes are color coded with the days of the week with morning and evening times, while other containers are soft-plastic pill pouches that are reusable and are perfect for on-the-go use. Accessing medications from prescription bottles is an essential part of a patient's daily care. Child-resistant, easy-to-use and bilingual embossed caps can go a long way to help the patient.

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