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As healthcare facilities continue to add in-office laboratories, having high-quality medical refrigerators and lab freezers on site is critical. Our appliances category includes all types of lab freezers and medical refrigerators with various capacities, defrost settings and use cases to keep medications cold. Whether you're looking to equip a lab, doctor's office, pharmacy or blood bank, we have over 875 varieties of medical refrigeration products to help meet your temperature-control needs.

While we're focused on helping outfit healthcare practices with the right medical refrigerators and freezers for their settings, we understand that sometimes your needs aren't limited to these products. That's why we also carry an extensive variety of appliance accessories to help maintain and customize your facility's freezers and refrigerators - including replacement shelving, refrigerator door locks and keys and many more.

Our durable goods offer more than just temperature control appliances, too. We also have the air purifiers and heaters you need to keep patient rooms clean, safe and comfortable.

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