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The Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS): A simplified review

Watch this 20-minute presentation by MedTrainer to learn about OSHA's comprehensive directive designed to ensure uniform inspection and enforcement procedures for its Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to protect healthcare workers from occupational exposures to COVID-19.
This webinar includes updates to the vaccination requirements, effective dates and applicability, key requirements such as hazard assessment and COVID-19 prevention plans, record-keeping and reporting and links to helpful resources and assistance as of December 10, 2021.
Jump to sections:
  • Minute 3:05 - OSHA ETS key dates and applicability
  • Minute 4:46 - Legal maze of vaccine mandates
  • Minute 6:15 - State vaccine mandates for healthcare organizations
  • Minute 8:13 - Key requirements for your facility's COVID-19 prevention plan
  • Minute 9:57 - History of Emergency Temporary Standards by OSHA
  • Minute 13:10 - Suggested compliance strategies
  • Minute 17:22 - Resources and assistance for healthcare providers


Webinar originally aired on December 10, 2021