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Downriver Medical Associates case study

Downriver Medical Associates improves efficiency with on-site clinical laboratory at new facility with the aid of MedSol Laboratory Consulting

Downriver Medical Associates (DMA) is a comprehensive healthcare provider based in Wyandotte, Michigan. DMA specializes in internal medicine and family practice, with a focus not only on treatment, but wellness, quality of life, care management and prevention.

Downriver Medical Associates


DMA was in the process of moving into their new facility (pictured above). To match their mission statement of “excellent clinical quality and services”, DMA established plans to outfit the new facility with a full clinical laboratory. By implementing a laboratory on-site, DMA could provide patients with efficient and quality lab results to impact patient care. Additionally, like many other primary care providers, DMA faced declining reimbursement rates. To maintain healthy operating margins, DMA could retain additional revenue by running laboratory tests in-house.


When faced with the long checklist of to-dos for implementing a laboratory, DMA reached out to McKesson Medical-Surgical for a proposal on outfitting the laboratory. In addition to working with instrument specialists on specific diagnostic equipment for the lab, DMA was referred to McKesson Medical-Surgical’s in-house laboratory consulting team MedSol. MedSol provides ongoing consultation from laboratory design through
compliance training.

“It was clear from our first meeting with MedSol that they are trained and licensed laboratory consultants that understand the dynamics of establishing a clinical laboratory. They carefully reviewed our specific needs and tailored a plan for our facility.” – Tiffany W., Practice Manager

MedSol worked with DMA on licensure, personnel verification, development of policy and procedure, QA plans, validation study development, and general guidance throughout lab setup. DMA and MedSol also set forth a plan that would include ongoing support with monthly onsite visits to discuss and assess quality control, maintenance, proficiency, work flow and quality assessment for continued compliance. The ongoing support would be up to and beyond DMA’s first compliance inspection.


“Utilizing the MedSol consulting team made such a difference in establishing our laboratory. From the early stages, we felt confident that our laboratory team would get the appropriate licensure in place for DMA to begin patient testing on-site. While there are many tasks that must take place, our MedSol consultant certainly streamlined the process and was there every step of the way. [She] was even on-site for our compliance inspection in which we received perfect 100% score in which no citations were issued!” – Tiffany W., Practice Manager

McKesson Medical-Surgical is proud to spotlight Downriver Medical Associates for their focus on improving clinical, operation and financial efficiencies. Ultimately their addition of an on-site laboratory will positively improve patient satisfaction through improved turn-around-times on diagnostic test results.

Downriver Medical Associates just reported that their recent CLIA inspection received zero citations! This is the their second consecutive inspection with zero citations since bringing in MedSol Laboratory Consulting.

Downriver Medical Associates Laboratory Diagnostics