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McKesson Readmissions Resource™

The McKesson Readmissions Resource™ combines valuable solutions with disease state clinical resources to help you proactively manage readmission rates.

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As healthcare continues to evolve and greater emphasis is placed on value-based care and quality outcomes, reducing costly hospital readmissions is more crucial than ever. Eighteen percent of patients discharged to a post-acute care setting are readmitted within 30 days, and the average per patient readmission cost to a healthcare system is $10,352. Nationwide, the annual cost is $4.34 billion.

As a result, post-acute care providers are being specifically measured on their readmissions performance and understand that failure to lower readmission rates has far-reaching effects. Higher readmission rates can lead to poor quality ratings, fewer or potentially lost referrals, stronger financial penalties, and exclusion from acute care provider networks.

McKesson Medical-Surgical recognizes that both long-term care facilities and home health agencies need effective solutions to address readmissions risks. That's why we've created the McKesson Readmissions Resource, an all new, industry leading program that combines valuable solutions from our program service providers with disease state clinical resources to help post-acute care providers proactively manage readmission rates and deliver quality care.

Now you can access robust clinical resources, including clinical protocols and product formularies, to help your facility address readmissions challenges and prevent, diagnose, and treat the disease states that most often result in a hospital readmission. Our resource guides address the top five clinical conditions that lead to readmissions: congestive heart failure, chorionic obstructive pulmonary disease, sepsis, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia.

We've also created a program playbook that features solutions from our service providers and highlights exclusive discounts on software and analytics, as well as education and training. Don't wait. Get with the program now. Visit McKesson Readmissions Resource online to discover ways to improve your readmission performance.

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