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Beckman Coulter Scopio

The time has come to transform cell morphology. With an entirely digital workflow, from imaging and analysis to true remote solutions, Scopio's Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application paves the way to a new gold standard.

Pan and zoom in on any cell anywhere in the full field image monolayer, or feathered edge, all at 100X resolution. 

Scopio's clinical grade AI Decision Support System offers detection, pre-classification and quantification, enhancing workflow efficiency by more than 60%. 

Review 200 White Blood Cells, categorized into 16 classes. Drag and drop to reclassify, or flag and annotate abnormalities while never losing sight of the full context. 

Continue to Red Blood Cells morphology evaluation from 1000 fields of view.

Navigate the results of the automated platelet estimation. No need to manually count. Results are automatically documented in a digital report, which can integrate directly into the LIS.

Scopio's true remote workflow solution enables an entirely digital PBS review from anywhere without ever needing a manual microscope.

With Scopio's Full-Field PBS Application, the future of digital cell morphology is now 100 times closer.