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McKesson Biomedical Solutions™

We understand the complexity of properly managing the stocking, servicing & tracking of your medical devices. Learn how McKesson Biomedical Solutions™ can help take some of this burden off you.

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♪ [music] ♪ Owning and maintaining medical devices can be time-consuming and a drain on your resources, not to mention, costly if a device gets lost or isn't in use and just sitting on a shelf. At McKesson, we understand the complexity it takes to properly manage the stocking, servicing, and tracking of your medical devices.

♪ [music] ♪ McKesson Biomedical Solutions, part of McKesson Medical-Surgical, is ready to take that burden off your shoulders. Always be prepared to take on new patients by taking advantage of our rental, leasing, and purchase options. From the industry's largest fleet of over 70,000 infusion, enteral, and respiratory devices from national manufacturers, we can help you stay up to date with preventative maintenance and repairs to maximize the life of your devices.

We have over 150 ISO-certified technicians across our seven coast-to-coast Biomedical Service locations, ready to support your service and repair needs. Stay compliant with your maintenance needs and know where your devices are at all times with real-time visibility into the status and tracking of your devices with our technology solutions.

By choosing to work with McKesson, you'll see a reduction in the risk around capital investments, maximize utilization of your devices, maintain compliance for service needs, and save on the resources that would be needed to manage your equipment on your own.

Focus on your patients. Let McKesson manage your equipment. ♪ [music] ♪

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