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McKesson Biomed OneTrack

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McKesson Biomedical Solutions™

A single source to solve your equipment needs, powered by OneTrack®

McKesson Biomedical Solutions is a full offering of equipment sales and rental, equipment service
and device management for infusion, enteral and ventilator devices.

• From expert equipment service to insightful information and analytics, we’re here to help you unlock the full power of your business.

• Designed to help you expand the breadth of your business capabilities, our robust package of tools is here to take you farther.

Put simplified equipment management at your fingertips with OneTrack’s customizable home screen. From alerts on equipment maintenance and tracking to business analytics, enjoy quick access to the features you use the most.

Give your business a boost with McKesson Biomedical Solutions, the comprehensive package for your equipment needs.

Sales - Our dedicated sales team will work with you wherever you are, to help ensure you have the right equipment at the right time. Our full suite of equipment offerings include: infusion and enteral pumps, as well as ventilators.

Rental - Our equipment rental fleet can help minimize capital expenses and ensure you’re ready to meet the needs of your patients in the event of product recalls or changing demand. Easily request and manage all your equipment service and rental needs through OneTrack.

Service - Our team of over 150 trained technicians across seven ISO 13485:2016 certified service centers nationwide are ready to support your equipment needs. OneTrack’s self-service portal makes accessing, managing or servicing your equipment easy.

Technology - Count on our in-depth information and analytics to help ensure your business remains compliant, while also helping you take your business to the next level.

Equipment management doesn’t have to be complicated. OneTrack makes it easy.

With OneTrack, you can count on a single solution designed to provide individualized support for your unique compliance needs, plus improved outcomes for your patients. OneTrack supports your business with tailored information and analytics to help your business thrive.

Equipment maintenance - OneTrack automatically identifies when your equipment needs maintenance, which helps keep things running smoothly.

Supports efficiency - Rent or service your equipment – all through OneTrack.

Information and analytics tools - With data and analytics at your fingertips, you can optimize
your equipment usage with OneTrack.

Compliance support - With OneTrack, you can quickly access equipment repair, maintenance and location documentation for accreditation audits.

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