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McKesson FluWise®

How are you preparing for the flu each season? Let McKesson FluWise® help you get ready, with a variety of professional flu products, savings, stability and support every step of the way.

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How are you preparing for the flu each season? Influenza is a yearly concern for healthcare providers requiring new planning and preparation each year. Knowing the latest trends and best practices can help your practice better protect patients and operate smoothly during the flu season. This year, you'll see more of McKesson FluWise, a comprehensive program designed to work for you by staying focused on what matters most, access to a wide variety of professional products, including a full line of influenza vaccines, savings and stability, support every step of the way, and more time for patients by making your entire workflow easier to manage.

Get away from the complexity and uncertainty that the hectic flu season brings. McKesson FluWise will help you manage any possible changes easily and efficiently. Influenza may be seasonal, but we've got you covered with resources and products available year-round. So what else can you expect from FluWise?

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