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From products designed to protect and support your patient along their surgical journey, hospital stay or clinic visit, to leading innovations in negative pressure wound therapy, surgical incision management, infection prevention, sterilization assurance, advanced wound care and skin integrity, they are focused on addressing your challenges and meeting the needs of the people you care for every day.

Vascular Access Solutions

Every I.V. site presents the potential for infection, dislodgment, skin damage and other complications. These complications can potentially cause patient discomfort and pain, extended hospital stays, additional therapy and surgical intervention—even increased patient mortality. 3M can help you protect I.V. sites with products ranging from hand hygiene, skin preps and barrier films to securement devices, transparent dressings and disinfecting caps.

Sterile Antiseptic Solution

Find the surgical skin prep solution you’re looking for by choosing 3M for your needs. You’ll find dependable products designed to help you offer your best to patients, including 3M SoluPrep™ S Sterile Antiseptic Solution. This sterile CHG surgical skin prep is designed to prepare a patient’s skin prior to surgery to help rapidly and safely reduce bacteria that can potentially cause skin infection.

Sterilization Monitoring Solutions

3M has trusted sterilization monitoring solutions made for performance under pressure. They can help you simplify, standardize and streamline operations so you can help improve workflows and reduce costs.

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