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Specialty Drugs

We distribute more pharmaceutical products to alternate care settings than any other distributor and with your order, you can count on choice, reliable distribution, smart solutions and a team of experts at your side.

Generic Pharmaceuticals

Choosing generics from McKesson can help reduce costs for both you and your patients. Explore our extensive portfolio of generics supported by fast, reliable distribution.


Access to our comprehensive vaccine portfolio includes adult and pediatric vaccines backed by vaccine inventory management, vaccine support and education. We offer next-day delivery to 95% of U.S. locations for physician offices and suites.


McKesson Delivers

Delivering over 1/3 of the nation’s pharmaceuticals

Medical Waste Management

Medical Waste Management

MedPro Disposal offers you a single source for all your medical waste disposal needs no matter your facility type. As the industry’s leader in compliant medical waste disposal, MedPro Disposal can provide complete insurance on your returned waste.

Drug Disposal and Returns

Drug Disposal and Returns

MedFlats® all-inclusive packaging allows you to dispose of controlled substances, expired over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medications and pharmaceuticals with reverse distribution.



With more than 900 delivery professionals across the nation and the largest delivery vehicle fleet, we strive to provide unparalleled distribution services to get you the products you need, when you need them.

McKesson’s Controlled Substances Monitoring Program and Questionnaire Process

As a licensed controlled substances distributor and a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registrant, McKesson maintains a Controlled Substances Monitoring Program (CSMP), which is designed to detect and prevent diversion of controlled substances within the pharmaceutical supply chain. McKesson’s Regulatory Affairs team manages the CSMP and is required to conduct due diligence reviews of potential new and current customers before McKesson can, or continue to, distribute controlled substances.

Program Details and Questionnaire Process


Request for Questionnaire

Customer indicates interest in purchasing controlled substances and completes a Request for Questionnaire form.


Customer Questionnaire

If qualified, customer receives the CSMP Customer Questionnaire via email and fills it out in a timely manner.


Electronic Signature

Customer electronically signs questionnaire via DocuSign®. Once signed, questionnaire is complete and ready for review.


Due Diligence Review

Regulatory Affairs team reviews questionnaire and notifies customer whether they are approved or denied*


Continuous Monitoring

Regulatory Affairs team continuously monitors customer on an ongoing basis and reports suspicious orders.

*Please note that completing the questionnaire does not guarantee approval to purchase controlled substances. Customers may be denied for several reasons, including but not limited to: their DEA registration is a home address; they are a mid-level practitioner not authorized to procure; they are an open-door retail pharmacy; or they are a wholesaler.

Contact your Account Manager today to get started with your Request for Questionnaire form.

McKesson CSOSManager

Order everything you need – from CII narcotics to needles and syringes – all in one convenient order through McKesson CSOSManager℠. Seamlessly integrated with McKesson SupplyManager℠, our online ordering system for medical-surgical supplies, CSOSManager allows access to our broad selection of CII narcotics, along with electronic reports and easy online returns. Using DEA-approved “public key infrastructure” (PKI) technology, CSOSManager transacts CII narcotic orders electronically and securely.

Not a CSOS customer?

When ordering a schedule II controlled substance from McKesson Medical-Surgical, a corresponding DEA 222 form is required to be submitted before we fulfill the order, unless you are utilizing McKesson CSOSManager℠.

Mailing address for paper DEA 222 forms:
McKesson Medical-Surgical customers’ DEA 222 forms must be submitted to our Jacksonville, FL location.

Refer to the sample 222 order guides for the most up to date and accurate information:

The following resources may support an understanding of the regulatory landscape and the role McKesson is playing in the fight against controlled substance diversion and abuse.

Do you want to access our portfolio of over 10,000 pharmaceuticals?

If you are not currently purchasing pharmaceuticals from us, or have questions reach out to our dedicated account support.

*excludes flu vaccine  

Please see full product inserts for prescribing information and refer to the Orange Book rating to confirm bioequivalency of generic equivalents.

Be advised that information contained herein is intended to serve as a useful reference for informational purposes only and is not complete clinical information. This information is intended for use only by competent healthcare professionals exercising judgment in providing care. McKesson cannot be held responsible for the continued currency of or for any errors or omissions in the information.

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