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We understand your lab’s needs are unique and that’s why we are passionate about listening to and partnering with you to help you strategically grow your lab in the way that works best for you. Whether you are just getting started with adding a lab to your practice or are looking for ongoing support to grow your existing lab facility, our dedicated experts are here to provide the exact solutions you need. From access to equipment from leading manufacturers to in-depth analytics and personal service, we take the time to get to know your lab to help provide faster, more accurate results for your patients.

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Personal Service

Our experienced team of lab experts will partner with you to help create better outcomes for you patients, keeping you closer to their care and helping you deliver the fast, accurate results they depend on.

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Customizable Solutions

When it comes to helping you achieve your best possible lab, our services and solutions are focused on meeting you exactly where you are. From lab setup to specialized consulting and cutting-edge information and analytics, McKesson makes more possible for your lab.

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Connectivity and Technology

Ensure maximum efficiency and improve your speed, simplicity and security through tools designed for your lab. McKesson offers setup and ongoing support to connect our proprietary technology solutions or other preferred technologies to solve for your business needs.

Delivering rapid results when it matters most

Treating sexually transmitted infections is a growing health priority. In fact, the cases of syphilis alone have grown by more than 80% since 2018. It can be hard for patients to seek treatment and harder still to wait for test results. By bringing testing in-house, you can test, diagnose and treat in one visit, helping to improving patient care and satisfaction. McKesson Medical-Surgical offers a complete line of products as well as support services for your lab setup and staff.

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Complicated lab installation?

We take as many things off your to-do list as possible, so you can concentrate on what matters – going live with patient testing. We deliver a clear path from delivery to go-live patient testing, with dedicated support along the way. Our team of laboratory specialists is available to help provide specialized consulting regardless of your lab’s size or complexity.

Grow the capabilities of your point-of-care lab

With a portfolio of equipment from leading manufacturers, including CLIA-waived and non-waived analyzers and test platforms, McKesson can help you get the equipment that works best for your lab. When it comes to purchasing new lab equipment, we offer additional resources to help ensure the process is simple and straightforward. Our dedicated support teams and implementation consultants can guide you through assessing your current lab and provide consultative support in choosing the equipment that’s right for you and your patients.

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In-office lab testing for respiratory illnesses

Find the right methods to diagnose flu, RSV, strep A and SARS-CoV-2. Point of care respiratory assays give accurate results more quickly than sending tests to a lab. When you test patients at the point of care you can send patients home with same-day results and a treatment plan, avoid unncessary antibitotics and help reduce hospitilizations.

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Training and Compliance

Training and Compliance

MedTrainer streamlines compliance with a unified digital platform that optimizes workflows and accelerates education, credentialing and documentation for more than 300,000 healthcare professionals across the U.S.

Capital Medical Equipment

Capital Medical Equipment

Whether it’s new construction, remodeling or updating your office with new equipment, you need a supplier that has the experience and expertise to help it all come together.

Patient Care and Engagement

Patient Care and Engagement

A more involved patient can lead to better decision-making between the provider and the patient, and can ultimately lead to better outcomes. Arm your patients with tools and education they need to take better control of their care.

Whether you are looking to do more with your current lab or starting from scratch, with McKesson, the best lab can be yours.

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