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Ordering medical-surgical supplies can cause you headaches when you use disparate tools for tracking GL codes, budgeting or processing invoices. Finding a single-source for ordering supplies and gaining visibility into your supply will increase practice efficiency and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

A solution for smarter inventory and business management

With comprehensive product information and functionality features designed for your convenience, McKesson SupplyManager℠ makes inventory control more convenient and simpler than ever. Get customized reporting, integrate your practice management system, create lists and formularies, set approval rules and more, all on one easy-to-use platform.

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Online Ordering

Create ordering lists, search and compare products and check order status

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Email Notifications

Daily, weekly or monthly secure statements, confirmations or summaries, for individual or multiple recipients

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Customized reporting

Generate accounting, expense and material usage reports

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System connectivity

Integrate and connect with procurement, ERP or practice management systems

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Controlled substance ordering

Eliminate manual forms and process medical-surgical and Class II drug orders faster

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Value-added services

Manage compliance, connect with customer loyalty programs and access promotions

Create a more efficient workflow

  • Manage accounts: Use one login to access all your accounts and locations and switch seamlessly by selecting desired account and location.
  • Create lists and formularies: Create sets of products and soft or hard locking lists to standardize ordering across multiple locations and ensure compliance.
  • Set approval rules: Users must submit a cart for approval before a purchase can be completed ensuring formulary ordering compliance.
  • Manage orders: Schedule orders, save carts and make returns online.
  • Track purchasing trends: Review items you have purchased by date, location, GL code, categories or items and maximize cost savings, track spending and budgets.

McKesson ScanManagerSM

Eliminate manual data entry of ordering and managing supplies. Our handheld barcode supply management system helps you regulate inventory volume, maximize shelf space and keep tighter controls on your inventory.

Okay to Pay

Are you ready to go paperless? Okay to Pay is our solution to paperless processing, allowing you to accept and approve your invoices right from your McKesson SupplyManager℠ account.

McKesson BudgetPlanner

BudgetPlanner allows you to set budgets by location, GL code and categories. Set approval rules, access budget reports and automatically adjust year to year budgets by percent to maximize cost savings

McKesson CSOSManagerSM

Order controlled substances electronically, avoiding delays and manual paperwork including the paper 222 triplicate form for all CII narcotic orders, with McKesson CSOSManager.

McKesson SpendManager

McKesson SpendManager allows you to review items that you’ve purchased in any date range, as well as narrow down by location, GL code, categories and items, and is available to ALL McKesson Medical-Surgical customers at no charge through SupplyManager.

McKesson Business AnalyticsSM

McKesson Business Analytics is our performance dashboard combining spend and operational information to help you identify real-time, actionable insights into your business.

Technology best practices for streamlining your supply chain management

If you’re still using a binder or sticky notes to manage your supplies, it’s time to come into the digital age.

Request an account or add SupplyManager tools and spend less time on orders

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