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A Robust Antibiotic Stewardship Program (ASP)

Since the 1940s, antibiotic drugs have greatly reduced illness and death from infectious diseases. However, these drugs have been used so widely and for so long that the infectious organisms the antibiotics are designed to kill have adapted to them, making the drugs less effective. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are responsible for infecting at least two million people annually in the United States and at least 23,000 people die due to these infections.1

The CDC’s Core Elements

Half of all small hospitals in the U.S. currently meet the CDC’s core elements for ASP. As the CDC states, a growing body of evidence demonstrates that hospital-based programs dedicated to ASP can both optimize the treatment of infections and reduce adverse events associated with antibiotic use.2, 3


cost of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) to hospitals

12 M

people are misdiagnosed each year

1 in 25

patients acquire an HAI everyday


of antibiotic prescriptions are necessary


of patients are readmitted within 30 days

Slow the spread of infection with aggressive diagnostics

A solution for antibiotic stewardship

You can count on our accurate, fast and reliable diagnostics resources to strengthen your antibiotic stewardship practice. McKesson has exclusive alliances with manufacturers to offer a diagnostics suite that affords providers and clinical decision-makers the results necessary to help move patients from ‘clinical suspicion’ to ‘end of therapy’ hours or even days sooner than some traditional methods.

Address common challenges:

  • Limited diagnostics capability: microbiology, molecular and other lab testing platforms
  • Short staff and skilled labor challenges
  • Hospital-wide cost reduction initiatives

Aggressive diagnostics
can help you achieve:

  • Quicker decisions for faster treatment
  • Precise antibiotic therapy for better results
  • Timely patient education for greater satisfaction

The White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship brought together more than 100 key human and animal health leaders to plan the development, promotion and implementation of activities to promote optimal use of antibiotics nationwide. Together, they put forth a national antibiotic stewardship action plan that included:

Improve patient outcomes and access diagnostic resources

4. Hecker MT, Fox CJ, Son AH, et al. Effect of a stewardship intervention on adherence to uncomplicated cystitis and pyelonephritis guidelines in an emergency department setting. PLoS One. 2014;9(2):e87899. doi:10.137/journal.pone.0087899.
5. Johnstone J, Mandell L. Guidelines and quality measures: do they improve outcomes of patients with community-acquired pneumonia? Infect Dis Clin North Am. 2013;27(1):71-86. doi:10.1016/j.idc.2012.11.001.

$35B to $45B –
12M –
1 in 25 –
Only 49% –
50% –
18% –

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