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Leveraging your own data should be easy. Unlock insights, set goals and identify improvements with our full suite of analytic and reporting capabilities, plus access experts who can help you identify areas for growth.

Proprietary Technology

McKesson Medical-Surgical provides access to information and analytical tools designed to meet the needs of your business. We also offer setup and ongoing support to ensure your ordering process is synced with your preferred technology solution.

Single Source Alliance

Simplify operation with a single partner for your information and analytic needs. We can help you use your data to help grow your business while also offering dependable distribution, a huge range of healthcare products, plus unique solutions and dedicated expertise.

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Personal Service

Our specialist sales representatives work along side our customer support teams to ensure you get the right combination of technology and personal service. From setup to ongoing assistance. McKesson Medical-Surgical can provide you dedicated customer service.

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Improve savings, efficiencies and compliance

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Minimize risks, redundancies, waste and unnecessary spending

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Protect investments

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Track assets

McKesson Business Analytics

Get data-driven insights to improve your business outcomes with McKesson Business Analytics (MBA), our interactive business analytics dashboard offering transparency into category spend and fill rates, cost analysis and more.

McKesson Business Analytics dashboard

Turn analytics into action

  • Always up-to-date
  • Available when you want to see it
  • Intuitive and easy to use, but with support when you need it
  • Able to show high-level data and provide drill-down to details
  • Inclusive of advanced capabilities such as predictive analytics and other advanced modeling to provide actionable recommendations

Savings and Compliance

Pressures on cutting costs shouldn’t impact patient care. Use data to help identify causes of higher costs such as non-compliance, preferences and alternative lower-cost products.

  • Identify spend and potential savings by per-patient analysis.
  • Find lower-cost alternatives
  • Find non-compliant purchasing with formulary and contract analytics.
  • Increase visibility into accounts payable and days sales outstanding
    Ensure electronic ordering compliance to reduce inefficiencies and increase savings


Inefficiencies increase costs and steal time you could be spending with patients, not paperwork. Identify inefficiencies and time-saving measures with McKesson Business AnalyticsSM.

  • Consolidate your ordering process to avoid over/under-ordering the supplies you need
  • Implement compliant electronic ordering to keep you on track with order size and frequency
  • Ensure benchmarking with peer groups to identify areas for improvement
  • Ensure you’re alerted to any delays or changes within the ordering process


Leverage past trends to navigate the future with the support of our experts. We can help you understand the factors that drive backorders and shortages and show you how to balance your supply chain and improve resiliency.

  • Understand which products and care settings need to diversify country of origin
  • Put predictive analytics to work for more efficiencies and enhanced performance
  • Leverage benchmarking to compare to peers
  • Set up alerts to notify you about changes in your scores for faster resolutions

Putting your data into action begins with understanding it

Proactively managing your supply chain means you get more than savings and actionable analytic information. With our supply chain analytics, you get peace of mind and expert support, at no additional costs. Are you ready to get a closer look at your business? Request a business review with your account manager.

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