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Specialty Rx Products

In addition to our robust offerings in vaccines and generics, we also provide a variety of specialty Rx to meet your needs, including contrast media agents.

Covering medical imaging procedures from simple x-ray scans to angiography procedures, our contrast media agents are available in several forms for various administration types.

  • Intavascular
  • Intrathecal
  • Oral/Rectal
  • Injectable

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Featured Specialty Rx Products

Intravascular Contrast Media

  • Iodinated contrast, a form of intravenous radiocontrast containing iodine, which enhances the visibility of vascular structures and organs during radiographic procedures
  • The only isomolar contrast medium (IOCMTM) available in the United States and the only isomolar contrast medium available for intravascular use. Visipaque is the only contrast medium formulated with sodium and calcium in a ratio equivalent to blood
  • ULTRAVIST (iopromide) injection is a world-class non-ionic, iodinated, low osmolar radiological contrast agent for intravascular administration. A low viscosity contrast agent which enables ease of administration and rapid iodine delivery rate. Proven safe and effective in all major I.A. and I.V. indications
  • Radiopaque contrast agent intended for intravascular administration, NOT for intrathecal use. Indicated in excretion, urography, aortography, pediatric angiocardiography, selective renal arteriography, selective visceral arteriography, selective coronary arteriography with or without left ventriculography contrast enhancement of computed tomographic brain imaging and for intravenous digital subtraction angiography. Also indicated for the contrast enhancement in body computed tomography
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Intrathecal Contrast Media

  • Radiographic contrast agent that helps create images of the body during a medical scan. +PlusPak includes a pull-ring and twist-off cap that won't cut fingers, peel-off tracking labels for convenient documentation, a compact size for easy storage, plus, a bull's-eye stopper (not made with natural rubber latex) for easy access
Isovue-M® 200
  • For intrathecal administration in adult neuroradiology including myelography (lumbar, thoracic, cervical, total columnar) and for contrast enhancement of computed tomographic (CECT) cisternography and ventricolography
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Oral/Rectal Contrast Media

  • A palatable, lemon-flavored, water-soluble iodinated radiopque contrast medium for oral or rectal administration. Used for radiographic examination of segments of the gastrointestinal tract and as an adjunct to contrast enhancement in CT of the torso
  • Water-soluble, ionic, high osmolar contrast agent. Pallatable, ready to use, offers quick and accurate dosing and an accelerated transition time. MD-Gastroview is indicated for radiographic examination of segments of the gastrointestinal tract
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Injectable Contrast Media

Cysto-ConrayTM II
  • Injectable, ionic, higher osmolar contrast media agent indicated for use in retrograde cystography ad cystourethrography
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