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Our network of trusted solutions helps you control costs and improve business performance - while never losing focus on quality care. Learn more about our solution providers and how they can help.

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Grow Your Retail Business with eCommerce. Leverage McKesson Medical-Surgical's strength in consumer-friendly products and distribution in combination with ARI Network Services, Inc.'s expertise in web development and marketing to reach shoppers where they start researching products - online. Gain a competitive advantage and implement an additional revenue stream by publishing a McKesson home medical equipment product catalog on your ARI website. Visit website >


The pressures of today's turbulent healthcare climate make it more challenging than ever to keep your practice running smoothly. athenahealth can help you achieve greater clinical success and financial performance, no matter the challenges. As a leading provider of EHR, practice management, and care coordination services on the nation's largest clinical network of its kind, athenahealth gets its clients paid more, faster, while taking on their administrative burden. Visit website >


Brightree is a leading provider of cloud-based software and services to improve the clinical and business performance of post-acute care providers. The company is ranked as one of the top 100 healthcare IT companies in the U.S. Along with seamless connectivity to referral sources, manufacturers, patients and the healthcare ecosystem at large, Brightree enables real-time integrated purchasing capability direct from McKesson for more than 2,200 organizations in the home medical equipment, home health and hospice segments. Visit website >


McKesson eSamples, powered by Physicians Interactive, is a free and secure service that enables eligible prescribers (MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs) to order pharmaceutical samples online - easily and conveniently. The service is sponsored by leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet prescriber requests for consistent sample supplies. The unique Recurring RequestTM feature automatically faxes completed sample request forms to your office every four weeks. You control the inventory by deciding when to sign and return the sample request forms. The service is 100% compliant with industry regulations. Visit website >

Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase was started by a group of home care experts to offer practical, real-world solutions for nurses and field clinicians on the front lines of home health and hospice. We've built a practical, powerful solution that gives everyone in your agency the tools they need to be their very best. Visit website >


HSTpathways ASC software is a comprehensive solution suite that encompasses all of the features and functionality needed to efficiently operate an ambulatory surgery center. The cloud-based application encompasses surgical scheduling, supply chain management, EHR clinical workflows, billing and collections, and ASC regulatory reporting. HSTpathways' solutions easily adapt to the complexities of multi-facility enterprises as well as the unique needs of standard alone surgery centers. Visit website >


IOS builds web-based supply chain and inventory management solutions for the healthcare market. The procurement functionality enables multi-vendor ordering through a single system, inventory control to minimize on hand inventory, 3-way invoice match to ensure payment of the correct price and a robust EDI platform for vendor connectivity with strong reporting capabilities to improve overall supply chain control and visibility. With 4,500 facilities live and over 13 years of experience, IOS helps maximize the efficiencies possible in the supply chain by utilizing the Internet as a communications and procurement medium and by providing access to collaborative inventory management tools. Visit website >


CareTend's integrated software solution is available for specialty pharmacies, home infusion pharmacies and HME/DME providers. CareTend streamlines patient management from intake to billing to delivery management. Providers can track business performance in real time with custom workflow and business intelligence reporting tools. Backlogs, delays, and errors are spotted instantly so that issues are corrected in real-time. Detailed reporting tools allow providers to gain insight into their data in less time using powerful dashboards, auto-scheduled reports, and pivot table analysis. Visit website >


A Simple Process with a Big Impact. MedFlats is a complete, all-inclusive system that makes it simple to return and dispose of your pharmaceutical products responsibly. When you choose MedFlats, we supply your facility with everything you will need in one compact package. This empowers your employees to properly handle pharmaceuticals while maintaining the utmost regulatory compliance for unused or expired products. Visit website >


MedPro was founded in 2009 out of a need for lower cost medical waste disposal services after hearing complaints about regular and frequent price increases within the waste disposal industry. Our thoughts: you shouldn't be overpaying for a required service. The company is a premiere waste disposal company, servicing 44 of the 50 states. We provide regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services for regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps, and pharmaceuticals (Rx). Visit website >


MedTrainer is an all in one compliance solution for healthcare that solves the needs associated with training staff, managing document such as policies and procedures, contracts, SDS sheets and more. MedTrainer's streamlined approach to compliance minimizes expense, creates efficiency and keeps your facility up to date with regulatory requirements. Visit website >


MIPSPRO provides all that you need for simple and easy-to-use CMS registry reporting and provider education so that you can do what you do best: provide exceptional care for your patients and community. Healthmonix partners with you to ensure you build a future-proof business model that is ready for all the coming changes of value-based care. Our robust customer support team provides rapid solutions to any challenge you may face as you complete new reporting requirements. Visit website >


OnShift delivers cloud-based software and proactive services to solve every day workforce challenges in the post-acute healthcare facility. The OnShift suite includes products for hiring, scheduling and employee engagement to drive quality care, lower costs and higher performance. OnShift empowers providers to staff consistently and efficiently. Visit website >

Pathway Health

Pathway Health is a professional management and consulting organization serving clients in the long-term care and post-acute care industry. Since our founding in 1997, Pathway Health has been keeping a pulse on clinical, regulatory, quality, and reimbursement trends to keep our clients on the path to success. Visit website >


Increase visibility into residents' health status and develop service plans to help improve outcomes, including the medication ordering and distribution process with PointClickCare for Assisted Living Facilities. Visit website >


Predict, measure and reduce hospital readmissions with PointRight's analytic and decision support service to help improve clinical outcomes and Five-Star Quality Ratings in your post-acute facility. Visit website >


Get connected to greater efficiency with RelaymedTM, an affordable, subscription-based software service that instantly sends results directly from point-of-care devices into the EHR. This fully automated solutions allows your business to eliminate unnecessary paper printouts, along with manual transcritpion errors. Visit website >

Relias Learning

Provide your staff with complimentary access to courses for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and licensed nursing professionals. Equip your workforce with the skills needed to increase quality of care, service and safety, while saving time and costs. Explore the various options offered by Relias Learning, including no-cost access to McKesson Medical-Surgical educational webinars and other resources. Visit website >

Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP)

To help you manage performance and stay compliant, leverage SHP for Home Health Agencies. The web-based analytics and benchmarking solution helps you stay on top of best practices. Visit website >

Universal Software Solutions

Universal Software Solutions provides a unique, fully-integrated practice management solution known as Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS). The product's sophisticated claims management tools and its focus on automation is specifically geared toward home medical equipment providers seeking a cost-effective solution that both maximizes efficiency and effectiveness while eliminating wasteful processes. Visit website >

VGM Group

Gain access to group purchasing, education programs, billing and reimbursement advice, CPAP fulfillment, marketing support, government relations, industry trends and insights for your HME with the VGM Group. Visit website >


Two-thirds of Medicare patients have two or more chronic conditions. Chronic Care Management (CCM) is a CMS incentive program that enables you to bill for services and help improve your MIPS score. Our Wellbox Chronic Care Management solution helps improve care coordination, potentially reducing readmissions and helping you meet the CPIA activity category requirement of MIPS. Visit website >

Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI)

Access comprehensive courses for skin, wound, diabetic and ostomy management from the Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) offering continuing education credits and McKesson Academy. Visit website >

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