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Remote patient monitoring toolkit

This toolkit from the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center provides an introductory overview of how to implement a remote patient monitoring program, as well as a look at outcomes and billing.

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Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center's remote patient monitoring (RPM) toolkit provides an overview of implementing an RPM program at your facility, including these six steps:

  • Step 1: Creating an executive team to complete the pre-implementation phase
  • Step 2: Determining organizational readiness
  • Step 3: Determining organizational needs
  • Step 4: Defining return on investment methodology & sustainability plan
  • Step 5: Identifying, vetting & selecting RPM device vendors
  • Step 6: Defining RPM conceptual model


In addition to these pre-implementation phase steps, the toolkit also offers an introduction to:

  • Developing referral, enrollment & installation workflows
  • Developing alert escalation workflows
  • Developing de-installation workflows
  • EHR integration
  • Staffing & training
  • Internal, external, provider & patient communications
  • RPM outcomes
  • RPM/treatment management services