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RemetricHealth remote patient monitoring solution

Learn more about RemetricHealth's remote patient monitoring and telehealth solution, helping to improve patient access to care while  increasing reimbursements and net revenue per patient.

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RemetricHealth is a remote patient monitoring and telehealth technology and services company. Our industry-leading fully integrated solutions have helped providers improve outcomes for high-risk patients for more than a decade. We can help you increase reimbursements for Remote Patient Monitoring and Management, and net revenue per patient, reduce readmissions and improve patient outcomes, improve patient access to care, and reduce wasteful spend and downstream costs.

Lily just received her package from RemetricHealth. It includes several easy-to-use FDA-cleared biometric devices. Lily turns on her tablet and she's ready to begin. The user interface on Lily's tablet is designed to be patient-friendly. She can see her lung function, weight and BMI, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels. She can also see her blood glucose readings and body temperature, as well as take symptom surveys.

Through her tablet, Lily can also access a wide range of patient education topics. Lily's tablet is loaded with automated patient engagement tools like reminders to use her biometrics or to take medications. Lily's doctor receives the results immediately and sees the red flag indicating an out-of-range status. Her doctor then clicks on the video telehealth button to contact Lily with the results.

By monitoring symptoms, vital signs, and medication adherence between healthcare visits and alerting healthcare providers if intervention is necessary, the RemetricHealth solution improves patient outcomes, increases access to care, and enhances patient satisfaction. But there's more.

The RemetricHealth solution also generates increased reimbursements at a recurring reliable revenue stream. New CPT codes now reimburse device setup, utilization, and clinician monitoring. This results in a net reimbursement of $1,300 per patient each year, after the cost of equipment. When you place 100-plus patients on the program, the revenue adds up quickly. Talk to us about your RPM telehealth needs and see how RemetricHealth can help you start bringing healthcare home.

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