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McKesson Business Analytics℠

McKesson Business Analytics℠ gives you real-time, actionable insights so you can identify trends in spending, benchmark your performance, drive compliant purchasing behavior and more.

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Managing your medical, surgical, lab, and pharmaceutical supplies across all your locations can be difficult, especially in the non-acute space. Different care settings and specialties have their own supply needs. Visibility into spend and product utilization across all of your facilities is critical for the health of your business. When you have a way to overcome this challenge, you can drive down cost, increase your supply chain efficiencies, and improve ordering compliance.

What could you achieve if you had help analyzing data and a way to see it that is easy to use and understand? McKesson Business Analytics provides a complete transparent view across all of your facilities to help you identify the savings and efficiencies you want. McKesson Business Analytics helps you answer the questions, "Am I ordering the right products at the right time? How does my GPO compliance compare to my peers? Could my clinicians be spending too much time in procurement? Is my supply chain as efficient as I need it to be?"

McKesson Business Analytics gives you actionable analytics so you can identify challenges and find solutions. Our analytics dashboard can help you find ways to reduce costs, become more efficient, and make sure orders are compliant. You'll see a real-time picture of what's going on across all of your locations and facilities, compare national brand products to McKesson brands and generic pharmaceuticals, see if you can lower administrative costs by placing larger orders less often, reducing the frequency of ordering, handling of products, and invoice reconciliation.

McKesson Business Analytics provides spend detail, efficiency metrics, category and product trends by an individual facility or through an aggregated view. Find opportunities to standardize ordering. When health systems and large chains standardize and implement a formulary, they can save between 12% to 18% a year.

Compare your facilities against national averages to monitorperformance with compliance and efficiency metrics. Set your goals on your scorecard and measure your progress across time. Make sure you have the right products at the right time in all your facilities to help support enhanced care and reduce product redundancy and waste. What do you need to know about your supply chain?

Let us show you how McKesson Business Analytics can help you improve your supply chain productivity. Analytics. Insights. Action. Contact your McKesson account executive to get started. ♪ [music]♪

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