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Handling your tracheostomy patients: An overview of tracheostomy care & consumables

This webinar will provide an overview of tracheostomy care and consumables and provide education and resources for those customers affected by the Shiley™ Legacy obsolescence that took place in September 2021.

Learning objectives:

  • Overview of tracheostomy care
  • Educate and drive awareness to customers impacted by the Shiley™ Legacy discontinuation that happened fall of 2021
  • Discuss reimbursement information related to PDPM and PDGM   


  • Mary Beth O'Callaghan, sr. account manager, Medtronic
  • Patty Reni, clinical support manager, RRT/McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • Patricia Howell, clinical resource manager, McKesson Medical-Surgical

Webinar originally aired on September 21, 2021

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