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ENFit® & reducing the risk of medical device tubing misconnections

Worldwide adoption of ENFit is well underway. While adoption in the US has been slower than other parts of the world, transition to the safer connectors is picking up momentum.

Watch this webinar to learn insights from those who have transitioned to the new enteral feeding system, as well as best practices for adopting ENFit from an outpatient perspective.

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  • Minute 8:30 - ISO design standards developed for system-specific applications
  • Minute 11:30 - Impacted products
  • Minute 24:19 - FDA guidance on ENFit & FDA message to manufactures, HCPs, purchasing and distributors
  • Minute 29:00 - US ENFit connector transition schedule
  • Minute 32:00 - ENFit Implementation: Who will be impacted?
  • Minute 38:10 - Training tools