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Avoid tubing misconnections with ENFit® & McKesson Brands

The enteral feeding products you buy today will be changing. As manufacturers move to the ENFit design, connectors will need to be ENFit-compatible. Check out McKesson Brands for compatible products.

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Tubing misconnections threaten the safety of patients with some outcomes leading to death. Enteral misconnections are possible when inadvertent connections occur between enteral feeding systems and non-enteral systems such as IV lines, tracheostomy tubes, peritoneal dialysis catheters etc. The Global Enteral Device Supplier Association's (GEDSA) StayConnected® program is working to help combat these occurrences and make enteral feeding safer with the transition to the ENFit® connector.

Previous designs of feeding tubes and cross-application adaptors stopped being made by most manufacturers July 1, 2021. Most manufacturers are discontinuing producing transition sets and adapters effective January 1, 2022.

McKesson Brands offers an assortment of enteral feeding supplies featuring ENFit® connectors. These specially designed tips meet ISO 80369-3 compliancy design standards, supporting patient safety by eliminating risks of IV misconnections between enteral syringes, extension sets and feeding tubes/bags.