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Amma by Cooler Heads Portable scalp cooling therapy

Amma™ by Cooler Heads is a part of McKesson’s oncology solutions and helps you provide even better care and support for the unique needs of your cancer patients.

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Amma™ by Cooler Heads

Portable scalp cooling therapy to help reduce hair loss from chemotherapy 

Hair loss from chemotherapy impacts more than just the way your patient looks.

It impacts their sense of self and overall well-being. Amma™ by Cooler Heads can help positively impact the quality of life for people diagnosed with cancer by giving them more control over how they experience the side effects of treatment. Amma™ by Cooler Heads is a transportable scalp-cooling system that can help cancer patients with hair-loss related to treatments. Patented and cleared by the FDA, Amma™ by Cooler Heads is a part of McKesson’s oncology solutions and helps you provide even better care and support for the unique needs of your cancer patients.

Up to 14% of women refuse chemo treatment due to fear of hair loss1

How Amma™ by Cooler Heads Works

Amma™ by Cooler Heads is the first FDA-cleared, portable scalp cooling medical device to reduce chemotherapy-induced hair loss. The portable cooling unit works in conjunction with a disposable cooling wrap and cooling cap. The cooling cap is carefully customized for the individual patient for best results.

  • When worn, Amma™ brings the scalp temperature to 65F° before, during and after chemotherapy. The cold temperature prevents hair follicles from absorbing as much chemotherapy and helps preserve the integrity of the hair, reducing hair loss.
  • The portable device can be used by patients continuously, beginning 30 minutes before chemotherapy, during chemotherapy and for 2 hours following the completion of a chemotherapy infusion. Your patients can use the device wherever they feel most comfortable.
  • Training and resources are available to help you and your staff ensure caps are properly fitted. Those same training resources can provide education for your patients regarding what they can expect and how to get the best results.

At McKesson our oncology offering includes distribution services, technology solutions and a comprehensive selection of products to help you offer the best possible care to your oncology patients. As the exclusive distributor of Amma™ by Cooler Heads we are proud to be able to offer this innovative and patient-focused solution to our customers.

Up to 65% of individuals undergoing chemotherapy will experience chemotherapy-induced hair loss2

47% of female cancer patients consider hair loss to be the most traumatic aspect of chemotherapy3

Give your patients more control over the effects of cancer treatment

We understand that hair preservation is incredibly important to your cancer patients. Amma™ by Cooler Heads can help you empower your patients on their cancer journey. Set yourself apart from the competition with a patient-focused and proactive solution for treatment related hair loss.

Why choose Amma™ by Cooler Heads from McKesson?

Offering unique oncology solutions to your patients can also support the growth of your business and help differentiate your offering from your competitors. Amma™ is:

• Fully reimbursable and may help enhance revenue for your business

• FDA-cleared, unlike other DIY methods

• Portable and can be used anywhere in your practice so you can manage chair turnover

An oncology solution that works for your patients and your business

Successful scalp cooling can limit hair loss by approximately 50%. Amma™ by Cooler Heads, available exclusively from McKesson, lets you offer your patients an effective, FDA-cleared approach that they can administer themselves. Its portable design means it can be used anywhere in your clinic. Based on FDA clearance and infusion centers owning or renting the system and the disposables, there is now reimbursement available that can provide additional revenue for infusion centers

Hands-on training and support for Amma™ is available to you and your staff, including cap fitting, to ensure that your patients are getting the maximum benefit from the device.

McKesson’s team of dedicated account executives can provide you and your staff with strategic guidance and solutions to help grow your oncology practice and improve the experience for your patients.

Oncology solutions from McKesson

Amma™ by Cooler Heads is a part of a large range of oncology solutions available from McKesson that can help you provide more compassionate, tailored care for your cancer patients and help support the growth of your business.

Contact your McKesson Account Executive to find out more.


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