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McKesson delivers for home medical equipment providers

Juliana has a rare genetic disorder requiring many medical supplies for her at-home care. Her family's trusted relationship with their HME provider enables her to receive the quality care she needs.


  • Patti Baicy, Director, Clinical Resources Team, McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • Tina Merritt, Respiratory Therapist and Co-Owner, All About Pediatrics

Full transcript:

Patti: Treacher Collins is a very rare genetic disorder, and people with this disorder have abnormalities in their bone structure in their face and also the soft tissue development.


Tina: We met Juliana when she was at Baptist Hospital, trying to get transition to go home. Social services called us and asked us to assess and see what she would need to go home. All About Pediatrics' role in supporting Juliana's care includes training by respiratory therapists, training from an equipment technician, and on all the various pieces of medical equipment and supplies. It was a huge undertaking for her family to take her home.

Patti: Patients like Juliana have so many things to overcome, so many things to worry about, so we don't wanna burden them with worry about supplies.


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