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Bringing a Six Sigma approach to supply management

In this webinar, our own Six Sigma inventory experts provide tips on how to reduce waste and save time, covering the five tenants for supply organization and outlining best practice guidelines for product organization and supply room setup, as well as reviewing different types of supply management technologies and how to identify if a solution is needed in your facility.
With this direction on how to maintain accurate PAR levels, you can help ensure you're ordering and maintaining an appropriate level of inventory.
Learning objectives:
  • Set up your supply room/closet to save time
  • Determine minimum and maximum PAR levels for products
  • Eliminate over-stocking


  • Katie Johnson, McKesson technology consultant
  • Kelly Montez, McKesson technology consultant
  • Lori Nolan, McKesson technology consultant
  • Ryan Dirks, McKesson technology consultant

Jump to sections:

  • Minute 00:57 — Overview
  • Minute 03:22 — The five tenants of supply organization
  • Minute 09:40 — Maintaining accurate PAR levels
  • Minute 15:56 — Using data and analytics

Webinar originally aired on January 19, 2022

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