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Everything you need to know before embarking on an office remodel or expansion

In this ebook, we explore common challenges healthcare organizations encounter when remodeling or expanding a facility, as well as proven solutions to help ease the process.

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In the healthcare industry, the need to expand and redesign your medical office setup is usually a sign that your business is doing well. But getting bigger through remodeling can be fraught with potential difficulties for the uninitiated or unprepared.


On the front end, there's the planning required for a medical office design setup. You have to develop a realistic timeline for everything from construction to delivery of furniture and supplies.


Then there's the question of how to keep the project moving all the way through to completion: What will you do if there are unforeseen backorders or a subcontractor hits a snag that slows your schedule? What happens if a permit you thought you had didn't come through as expected?


Here, we'll take a look at a number of common challenges healthcare organizations encounter when they try to remodel or expand, and provide guidance around proven solutions.


While growing a practice of any size is a lot more complicated than maintaining the status quo, the rewards that come with evolving are usually worth it — and well within reach if you know where to start.


Chapter 1 | Expand and deliver: Reasons to go

Whatever the driving forces are, it's important to understand that what works for one organization may not translate to success for another. Before you do anything else, be sure that your decision to renovate or expand is based on what's best for your practice. 


Chapter 2 | Prepare for success: Anticipate the challenges

Once you've made the decision to remodel or expand, the next step usually involves substantial pre-planning. Be sure to stay ahead of potential problems by addressing common pain points in advance of project launch.


Chapter 3 | The dos and don'ts of medical office remodeling

There's a lot of flexibility in what you can do with a remodel or expansion, but it's also best to heed the advice of those who've already gone through the process.


Chapter 4 | From the start: Top priorities

Once you've established the big picture and addressed what you can in the pre-planning stage, you're ready to get the project started. Be sure to set realistic expectations, while still being flexible.


Chapter 5 | Push to the finish: Completing the job

Whether you're remodeling an exam room or building a new one from the ground up, be sure to consider everything you'll need in order to put that space into service. 


Chapter 6 | Simplify the process with McKesson clinic setup services

Setting up an office requires significant coordination and planning — McKesson clinic setup services help streamline the process and ensure that everything unfolds without a hitch.


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