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Prescription for success in healthcare ecommerce

Patients, caregivers and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts are making sales of healthcare products one of the fastest-growing segments in B2C ecommerce. But healthcare is different than any other online B2C category. The prescription for success is equal parts patient advocacy, ecommerce excellence in user experience and having the appropriate mix of products and services consumers want.

This digital chat provides best practice advice from several of the most respected thought leaders and practitioners in ecommerce, consumer healthcare product marketing, merchandising, product fulfillment and delivery. 


  • Mike Agnew, vice president of sales, ecommerce for McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • Mark Brohan, vice president, B2B & market research development for Digital Commerce 360
  • Justin Racine, director, commerce strategy for Perficient
  • Lori McDonald, president & CEO for Brilliance Business Solutions

Webinar originally aired on February 1, 2022

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