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Quidel® Sofia® 2 System & COVID-19 testing

Watch this webinar presentation on Quidel's Sofia® system and its functionality, as well as the Sofia SARS assay and the HHS Nursing Home Program. This recap with Allison Leone from the Quidel Corporation features an in-depth explanation and tutorial on Quidel's Sofia® system, covering how the system tests for various viruses and the value it can bring to your healthcare facility when it comes to in-office lab testing. If you are a healthcare provider interested in performing in-office testing for COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, this is an informative and valuable presentation.


  • Patricia Howell, Clinical Support Manager, McKesson Medical-Surgical
  • Allison Leone, New Market Development Director, Quidel Corporation

Jump to sections:

  • Minute 00:30 - Panel introductions
  • Minute 01:29 - Quidel and the HHS Nursing Home Initiative
  • Minute 02:31 - SARS-CoV-2 overview and antigen testing
  • Minute 08:30 - Using the SOFIA SARS Antigen Test
  • Minute 13:03 - Bringing in-office lab testing into your facility 
  • Minute 16:58 - Getting started with your Quidel SOFIA-2 system 
  • Minute 21:28 - Question and answer session

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