Collect Pertinent Patient Information

McKesson Quality One easily integrates into your existing quality assurance program, and, because it's web-based, it's accessible to clinicians and administrators from any device used to access the Internet. Watch video >>

Respond to Issues

When issues relating to care arise and benchmarks are exceeded, McKesson Quality One prepares your facility to respond by providing recommendations to address specific care issues, helping facilities quickly improve outcomes. Watch video >>

Assess Outcome Against Benchmarks

McKesson Quality One puts important data at your fingertips - from a resident's perception of their care, to MDS quality indicators, to national rehospitalization rates - allowing you to more easily identify concerns or trends that can interrupt care. Watch video >>

Establish Real-Time Quality Processes

By providing insight and support where needed, McKesson Quality One helps streamline workflow and provide the framework to deliver consitent quality care - helping better leverage areas of excellence to promote future success for your facility. Watch video >>