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Hospira 00409204902
Perrigo Company 00574030816
C2R Global Manufacturing RX64
B. Braun 412012
McKesson # 972794 439774 801712 883254 142032
Description SPATULA 4" RUBBER Syringe System Holder Carpuject® Tamper-evidence, Plastic, Needleless, Reusable Suppository Base Fattibase™ 1 lb. Pharmaceutical Disposal System Rx Destroyer™ 64 oz. Bottle IV Additive Dispensing Pin Mini-Spike* Needle-free, Luer Lock
Manufacturer # 30910040920490200574030816RX64412012
Brand  Carpuject®Fattibase™Rx Destroyer™Mini-Spike*
Manufacturer Health Care LogisticsHospiraPerrigo CompanyC2R Global ManufacturingB. Braun
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Application Syringe System HolderSuppository BasePharmaceutical Disposal SystemIV Additive Dispensing Pin
Country of Origin United StatesUnknownUnknownUnited StatesUnknown
For Use With Carpuject® Luer Lok Slim-Pak* Pre-filled Drug CartridgesMultiple Dose Rubber-stoppered Vials
Generic Drug Code 36609
Latex Free Indicator Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
NDC Number 00409-2049-020574-0308-1608021-4120-12
Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 180 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 180 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 180 days
Specifications Tamper-evidence, Plastic, Needleless, Reusable1 lb.64 oz. BottleNeedle-free, Luer Lock
UNSPSC Code 4112240342142603511716004712170942142520
Features and Benefits
  • Luer lock universal connector
  • Broad product portfolio of analgesics and other therapeutic drugs
  • Easy loading cartridges and one-handed disposal help save time and steps
  • 100 percent bar coded at the unit-of-use to help prevent medication errors and facilitate tracking, billing and loss prevention
  • The Carpuject syringe system consists of prefilled cartridges that are loaded into a syringe holder to create a drug delivery system
  • The components include a reusable, full-length plastic holder designed to provide both stability during injection and easy, safe disposal of the glass cartridge unit after use
  • A disposable sterile 2 mL or 5 mL cartridge unit containing medication is designed for compatibility with Y-injection sites and male adapter plugs
  • Pre-blended suppository base used to simplify the process involved in the extemporaneous compounding of suppositories
  • Fattibase offers the advantages of cocoa butter base with few of the drawbacks
  • The Rx Destroyer™ is Eco-friendly "disposal in a bottle"
  • The Rx Destroyer bottle contains a ready-to-use chemical digestion solution
  • Simply load unused or unwanted medications into the bottle and invert bottle twice to mix and wash solution over the medications
  • Drugs start to dissolve permitting the active medication ingredients to be adsorbed and neutralized by the active charcoal ingredients
  • The active medication ingredients permanently bond to the activated charcoal and the process is irreversible
  • Store and keep using bottle until it becomes full
  • Discard bottle, containing contents, into common trash
  • The patent-pending Rx Destroyer incorporates vented-cap technology that self regulates bottle pressure to allow safe and secure disposal of co-mingled medications
  • Rx Destroyer will remain fresh and last longer due to anti-mold and anti-bacteria agents
  • If the Rx Destroyer solution is ingested, anti-abuse agents will induce vomiting