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Abbott Point of Care 09P3125
Roche Diagnostics 07341911190

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Sysmex America CF579595
Sysmex America CV377552
McKesson # 897037 986421 931487 1057982 841042
Description Reagent iSTAT® Chem8+ Renal / General Chemistry Sodium / Potassium / Chloride / Ionized Calcium / Urea Nitrogen / Glucose / Creatinine / Hematocrit / TCO2 For iSTAT 1 System 9 Tests 25 Cartridges Reagent Cobas® Liat® Nucleic Acid Test Strep A For Cobas® Liat® Automated PCR Analyzer 20 Tests 20 Tubes Reagent BD Viper™ Reagent CELLCLEAN AUTO Hematology Cleaning Agent For XN-Series™ Automated Hematology Analyzers 20 X 4 mL Reagent Fluorocell™ WDF Hematology For Automated Hematology Analyzers 2 X 42 mL
Manufacturer # 09P312507341911190441128CF579595CV377552
Brand iSTAT® Chem8+Cobas® Liat®BD Viper™CELLCLEAN AUTOFluorocell™ WDF
Manufacturer Abbott Point of CareRoche DiagnosticsBDSysmex AmericaSysmex America
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CLIA Classification CLIA Moderate ComplexityCLIA Waived
Country of Origin United StatesGermanyUnknownJapanJapan
For Use With For iSTAT 1 SystemFor Cobas® Liat® Automated PCR AnalyzerFor XN-Series™ Automated Hematology AnalyzersFor Automated Hematology Analyzers
Form CartridgeTube
Number of Tests 9 Tests20 Tests
Product Dating McKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 30 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 30 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 30 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 90 daysMcKesson Acceptable Dating: we will ship >= 90 days
Sample Type Whole Blood SampleThroat Swab Sample
Storage Requirements Requires RefrigerationRequires RefrigerationUSP Controlled Room Temperature
Test Name Sodium / Potassium / Chloride / Ionized Calcium / Urea Nitrogen / Glucose / Creatinine / Hematocrit / TCO2Strep ACleaning Agent
Test Type Renal / General ChemistryNucleic Acid TestHematologyHematology
Time to Results 15 Minute Results
UNSPSC Code 4111600441116011411160114228170441116008
Volume 25 Cartridges20 Tubes20 X 4 mL2 X 42 mL
Application ReagentReagentReagentReagentReagent
Features and Benefits
  • The i-STAT CHEM8+ cartridge with the i-STAT 1 System is intended for use in arterial or venous whole blood in point of care or clinical laboratory settings
  • Each i-STAT single-use cartridge uses advanced biosensor technology that applies microfluidics to process the most comprehensive range of clinical tests in a single platform, allowing clinicians to access the time-sensitive diagnostic information they need
  • To perform a test, 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge, which is then inserted into the i-STAT handheld
  • Prior to running a test, each cartridge initiates a series of preset quality control diagnostics, from monitoring the quality of the sample to validating the reagent
  • Each test cartridge contains chemically sensitive biosensors on a silicon chip that are configured to perform specific tests
  • Product ships from McKesson with minimum 30 days dating
  • The cobas® Strep A nucleic acid test for use on the cobas® Liat System (cobas® Liat Strep A) is a qualitative in vitro diagnostic test for the detection of Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A β-hemolytic Streptococcus, Strep A) in throat swab specimens from patients with signs and symptoms of pharyngitis
  • The cobas® Liat Strep A assay utilizes nucleic acid purification and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to detect Streptococcus pyogenes by targeting a segment of the Streptococcus pyogenes genome
  • The system requires the use of a single-use disposable cobas® Liat Strep A Tube that contains the nucleic acid purification and PCR reagents, and hosts the sample preparation and PCR processes
  • The cobas® Liat Strep A assay Pack (Cat # 07341911190) contains sufficient reagents to process 20 specimens or quality control samples
  • The pack contains 20 sets of a cobas® Liat Strep A assay Tube and a transfer pipette
  • CellClean Auto is a hypochlorite solution for cleaning for use with XN-1000, 2000, 3000, 9000 and SP-10 systems
  • Fluorocell WDF is a staining reagent for use with designated Sysmex Automated Hematology Analyzers
  • This reagent is to be handled by laboratory professionals or appropriately trained personnel
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -