Product Comparison

Thermomedics Inc PRO-TF300
Welch Allyn 105801
American Diagnostic Corp 429
Links Medical LMP001
Proactive Medical Products LLC 40010
McKesson # 811925 951416 1005872 993700 1074317
Description Digital Infrared Thermometer Caregiver® Professional TouchFree™ Skin Probe Hand-Held Digital Infrared Thermometer CareTemp™ Skin Probe Hand-Held Digital Infrared Thermometer Adtemp™ Skin Probe Hand-Held Digital Infrared Thermometer LinkTemp™ Non-Contact Skin Probe Hand-Held Digital Infrared Thermometer Skin Probe Hand-Held
Manufacturer # PRO-TF300105801429LMP00140010
Brand Caregiver® Professional TouchFree™CareTemp™AdTemp™LinkTemp™ Non-Contact 
Manufacturer Thermomedics IncWelch AllynAmerican Diagnostic CorpLinks MedicalProactive Medical Products LLC
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Accuracy ± 0.5° F0.5 °F / 0.3 °C± 6° F / ± 3° C
Country of Origin TaiwanChinaChinaChinaChina
Display Specifications Digital DisplayDigital DisplayLCD DisplayLCD DisplayLCD Display
Measuring Scale Fahrenheit / CelsiusFahrenheit / CelsiusFahrenheit / CelsiusFahrenheit / CelsiusCelsius
Response Time 1 Second Response1 Second Response1 Second Response
Temperature Range 94 to 108° F50 to 122° F / 10 to 50° C89.6 to 109.2° F / 32 to 42.9° C
UNSPSC Code 4218220142182201421822014218220141112224
Application Digital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared ThermometerDigital Infrared Thermometer
Mounting Type Hand-heldHand-heldHand-heldHand-heldHand-held
Power Supply Battery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery OperatedBattery Operated
Probe Type Skin ProbeSkin ProbeSkin ProbeSkin ProbeSkin Probe
Features and Benefits
  • The CAREGIVER® PROFESSIONAL is a clinical-grade infrared thermometer for measurement of forehead temperature in adults, children, and infants without contact
  • Temperature-taking is fast, safe, simple, accurate, hygienic, reliable and does not disturb the patient
  • No probe covers required, no storage space needed
  • 32° F to 140° F Surface Mode displayed temperature range
  • 94° F to 108° F Body Mode displayed temperature range
  • **This product is a fever scanner and does not give the actual temp, but will only tell you if you have a fever
  • No patient skin contact required, helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination
  • Large, backlit LCD display that's intuitive and easy to read
  • 60 second pulse timer, memory recall button, C/F scale conversion button
  • Measurement feedback system detects proper operating distance for accuracy
  • Takes approximately 3,000 readings on two AAA batteries
  • Infrared sensor reads temperature 4-6 cm from the center of forehead
  • Noncontact simplifies temperature measurement—ideal for screening
  • Measures in about 1 second without patient contact eliminating the concern of cross contamination or costly probe covers
  • Measurement feedback system signals proper operating distance for accuracy
  • Measures at a distance of 4-6cm (1.5"-2.5") from patient's forehead
  • Dual mode - body and object
  • Large backlit LCD display is easy to read
  • Wide Temp Range
  • 30 reading memory
  • Fahrenheit-Celsius switchable
  • Auto-off function after 30 seconds conserves battery life
  • Audible beep when measurement is complete, Night mode mutes volume
  • Provides quick and accurate measurement of core body temperature
  • No contact with resident's skin reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Touchless operation in 1 second from 1.2-2 inches distance from forehead
  • 2 color backlit LCD
  • Temperature can be displayed in either F or C
  • Modes for body, surface and room (ambient) temperature
  • Designed to take the body temperature of a person without the interference from the heat of the surrounding
  • Reliable and stable infrared detection system
  • Audio alarm when the temperature is too high