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Allervision AVK590-0001NE

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McKesson # 809643 1064522
Description Allergy Testing Supply Startup Kit Northeast Specific Antigens Scratch Test Multiple Dose Vial 70 Vial Kit Allergy Testing Supply Startup Kit Regionally Specific Antigens Scratch Test Prefilled Test Base 35 Patient Kit
Manufacturer # AVK590-0001NEATK100
Manufacturer AllervisionAllerEx Inc
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Container Type Multiple Dose VialPrefilled Test Base
Generic Drug Name Northeast Specific AntigensRegionally Specific Antigens
UNSPSC Code 4111612741116126
Volume 70 Vial Kit35 Patient Kit
Application Allergy Testing Supply Startup KitAllergy Testing Supply Startup Kit
Country of Origin UnknownUnknown
Dosage Form Scratch TestScratch Test
Features and Benefits
  • Starting your allergy program is simple with the AllerVision Starter Kit
  • It includes all of the supplies you need to get your program up and running, from marketing materials to testing supplies
  • Allergy testing materials included in the Allergy Program Startup Kit: 2 mL inhalant antigens (58); 2mL food antigens (10); 5 mL histamine positive control (1); 2 mL glycerine negative control (1);10-prong MAST testers (140); well trays (2); solution wells (8); color-coded skin test result forms (50); skin markers (20); reaction rulers (50); sample treatment sets (2)
  • Marketing materials included in the Allergy Program Startup Kit: patient education DVDs (2); treatment comparison forms (50); tri-fold brochures (250); ship-flat brochure holders (8); marketing counter cards (6); posters (6)
  • Includes enough antigens to perform approximately 200 tests
  • Each MAST (Multi-Antigen Skin Tester) has 10 antigen sites that are applied to the patient in a gentle rocking motion that does not break the skin
  • With the MAST testing device application takes less than one minute
  • Results in 15 minutes
  • No lab equipment required (no lab control processes or certifications)
  • Each AllerEx Allergy Test Kit arrives with all brochures and forms necessary for the doctor's office to become an allergy testing and treatment clinic
  • Included in those forms is a pad of Regional Test Rx Script forms and a pad of Regional Test Report forms
  • Each of these forms list the antigens that are pre-filled in the test bases and of course are the antigens that are being tested in this region of the United States
  • AllerEx ships the AllerEx Allergy Test Kits containing the prerequisite test antigens for each region based on where the doctor's office that has ordered the AllerEx Allergy Test Kit is geographically located
  • Each region contains the test antigens and forms reflective of that regions 6o most common environmental allergens, 8 food sensitivities and a positive and a negative control, 70 items in all
  • Kit contains:(2) Pre-filled, labeled test bases (with lids) with 68 regional antigens and 2 controls; (246) Sterile Applicators (7 for each test of 35 patients plus an extra for demonstration purposes); (2) Pads X 50 Allergy Questionnaires to be completed by each patient to help determine testing needs
  • (1) Pad 50 Information Consent Cards, (1) Pad 50 Regional Test Report Forms, (1) Pad 50 Test Measuring Devices, (1) Pad 50 Immunotherapy Prescription Forms, (1) Pad 50 Acknowledgement Forms
  • (1) Tube generic Benadryl┬« cream (Diphenhydramine HCL), (100) Patient Tri-fold Brochures, (2) Plastic Brochure Holders, and (2) AllerEx Posters
  • Please Note: The purchase of the first Allergy Test Kit by a medical clinic includes a 1/2 day In-Service with the clinic doctor(s) and staff
  • Forms and brochures are available in Spanish versions
  • Additional forms, brochures and posters are available at no additional cost for every clinic that purchases an AllerEx Allergy Test Kit